Welcome, Readers!

Wotcher. Bonjour. Goedendag. Namaste. Guten Tag. Buonguiorno. Hola. And a good, old fashioned Texan howdy!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m a sci-fi/fantasy author who also tinkers in a few other genres that don’t usually involve starships or wizards. Hey, imagine if there was a warlock aboard the Enterprise….oops, sorry. Train of thought derailment there. That happens a lot here so be prepared.

This blog isn’t just a shameless way to promote my work but it’s also a place for writers and readers of all genres to hang out. In the near future, I’ll offer posts about writing tips, techniques, insights, and random writing/story/book-related stuff. Oh, and my latest publication news as it comes.

Feel free to follow me and you’ll get notified of new posts. Many cheers to everyone and hope you enjoy! 🙂


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