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Five Coolest Fictional Occupations

Have you ever wished you could trade places with characters in movies, television shows, or books and live a day (or maybe a few days) in their shoes? In the spirit of Halloween – the season where you’re allowed to not act like yourself – I’m highlighting five fictional occupations I think might be fun.

Cool Occupation # 5 – Starfleet captain (“Star Trek”)


How awesome would it be to travel space, making contact with aliens and discovering new planets? Traversing the corners of the galaxy would take a certain degree of nerve, tact, and adventurousness. Look at the captains of “Star Trek” – Pike, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer. They all possessed varying degrees of these traits, which made them believable characters in the settings they were placed in. Due to the level of danger involved, I decided to list this fictional occupation last but that by no means discredits it. If given the chance to serve on a Starfleet vessel and command my own ship, I’d consider myself crazy not to say yes!

Cool Occupation #4 – Shadowhunter (Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare)


Okay, to be fair, these folks are angels, so I’m not sure if this qualifies as an occupation in the strict sense of the word. But these beings who inhabit Cassandra Clare’s steampunk England represent a more biblical image of angels. They’re powerful, unafraid of the demonic menace they face, and are a far cry from the cute, chubby, saccharine-faced images dominating stationary sets and greeting cards. Being a Shadowhunter has its own hazards since you hunt down and slay members of the satanic persuasion. But the fact you get to rid the world of evil scum, thus saving mortals’ souls, is a fairly good trade-off, I think.

Cool occupation #3 – Men in Black (self-explanatory)

Men in Black

Serving as a sleek-dressed agent for the MIB has the same appeal as Cool Occupation #5 only without the risk of getting blown up in a starship. Working for the Men in Black comes with a great deal of privileges – standard dress (so no slack-jawed moments standing at the closet, wondering what to wear everyday); cool gadgets; and a chance to represent Earth to sundry alien races. Again, you’d have to be flexible enough to know how to deal with different aliens but I think I could manage.

Cool Occupation #2 – Bio-repo (Repo Men by Eric Garcia)


Working for the Union as one of their highly-trained bio-repossession personnel, hired to remove artificial organs from recipients who can’t/won’t pay, would be a quirky occupation for sure. Imagine what your average dinner conversations would be. “Hey, I took this guy’s unpaid spinal cord back today. Man, spinal fluid is a killer to get out of your clothes!” Needless to say with talk like that, you probably wouldn’t get invited to too many social functions. But you would be serving in the world’s most feared occupation. It comes with a certain degree of power that could be misused in the wrong hands. Like revenge. If you got a pink slip for a deadbeat who happened to be an old enemy, here’s your chance to legally remove remove their pancreas. I’m not glamorizing violence here but I still think bio-repo would be a cool job…in its own outré way.

Cool Occupation #1 – Hogwarts professor (Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling)


So what beats removing people’s unpaid artificial organs all day? Working at Hogwarts! I’m not sure what subject I would want to teach since they all sound so interesting. But I think I’d steer clear of Care of Magical Creatures and stick with something relatively harmless like Potions or Transfiguration. (Notice I said “relatively harmless;” even McGonagall herself touted Transfiguration was dangerous magic.) Plus, the entire culture of Hogwarts and the wizarding world are so lifelike, it would be awesome if it was real. I could seriously see myself fitting in there.

So those are my fictional jobs of choice – what are yours?


3 thoughts on “Five Coolest Fictional Occupations

      1. So it would seem…unless you are there to teach Defense Against The Dark Arts (when you’re not ready)…then it’s just trouble. 🙂



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