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“The Guardian” Now Available!

The Guardian amazon

My very first novel, The Guardian, is NOW in print!

Book’s Description: Ever since Alex Croft was little, robed beings have shadowed his every move. But after he is wrongfully incarcerated, the robed strangers have apparently abandoned him. Or so it seems. When Alex’s true identity is revealed, he enters a world he has always seen but never really known. A realm where he learns how to protect the innocent from an evil that desires to control everything in its path. Especially Alex. As he trains as an apprentice within the Voror Council, Alex uncovers a sinister secret seeking to destroy him. To save himself and others, he will have to endure the same darkness he sought to escape. In this first installment of The Guardian Trilogy, Alex Croft will not only learn magic-infused Words and make strange, new allies but also discover the truth about himself and his past. A truth that will become either his destiny or his downfall.

The Guardian is the first novel in the Guardian Trilogy, which will later be comprised of The Guardian Prophecy and The Guardian Wars. I’m currently drafting The Guardian Prophecy as we speak and, so far, I’m fairly happy with it.

I’m so excited to FINALLY have The Guardian published! It all started with a quirky idea over six years ago that involved a strange hybrid of a grown-up Harry Potter and the show “Prison Break.” I’m going to devote a future post to my actual writing process as well as the ideas and inspiration behind both The Guardian and its later books. No spoilers though!

You can snag a copy of The Guardian from today as well as the Kindle Store:


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