A Sneak Peek at “R U Ready 4 College?”

It’s coming…my first-ever solo non-fiction venture.
And you’re going to get an exclusive sneak peek!

[Full cover coming soon!]

R U Ready 4 College?: Secrets and Strategies for Conquering the
Ivy-Covered Institution
is designed for the college-minded person, whether you’re a high school student in preparation mode, a current college student, or even a faculty member.

This book has been a year in the making and was inspired by the issues I see among college students who enter into their studies and then fall away. To be fair, there are serious glitches in academia that contribute to this, but R U Ready 4 College? focuses on the student side of matters and presents strategies for success, provided students put them into practice.

Topics R U Ready 4 College? will cover include:
– Tackling college-level assignments, from study time to writing skills;

– Decoding professors’ comments on your work to make the most of their critiques;

– How to talk to your professors about grades and other issues;

– Active learning strategies and taking responsibility for your work;

– The basics of choosing a major, deciphering a syllabus, and following campus etiquette;

– Secrets colleges don’t want you to know;

– And more!

Direct links will be posted here once the book is officially published. I’m so excited to finally be able to release this!

Stay tuned!


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