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Do You Know Your Reading Personality?

***With respects to Chronicles of Harriet’s “The Psychology of Steampunk” article. You can view the original blog post here:

I normally don’t repost things from other blogs but I just couldn’t pass this up. The idea of seeing what type of reader you are based on who you are (not so much what you read) sounded like a fun idea

Readers, By Personality Type:
According to the above blog post, readers can be divided into four general categories, which are defined by someone’s overall personality (as opposed to personal reading preferences). These personalities are divided as follows: Thinking, Sensate, Feeling, and Intuitive.

Genres of Choice: Nonfiction, primarily history, politics, social issues, and current events.

Thinking readers tend to be the more intellectual among us – folks who prefer to do Sudoku puzzles as opposed to playing Angry Birds and who would probably watch news clips on CNN than cute animal videos on YouTube. In short, these readers enjoy “fact-driven content” and “pared-down writing with no fluff.”

Genres of Choice: Nonfiction and fiction, chiefly thriller, suspense, and mystery set in the “real world” with “real people” (as opposed to alternative/fantasy worlds and characters)

Sensate readers are a slightly more toned down Thinking readers: they use their senses as well as logic to engage the world. Hence, they enjoy perusing non-fiction and fiction provided the fictional stories deal with real world issues and settings as opposed to invented or imaginary environs.

Genres of Choice Include: Romance fiction and perhaps nonfiction works dealing with personal relationships or human interests stories

Feeling readers, as the name implies, let their emotions do the walking and tend to evaluate the world and others by how they feel. Hence, they tend to favor books that emphasize an emotional experience as opposed to a complicated plot or ultra-realistic depictions of life.

Genres of Choice Include: Speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal)

Lastly, Intuitive readers lean towards the unexplained or speculative issues and ideas, such as the paranormal or the intervention of the supernatural in everyday affairs. Hence, they enjoy books that explore the spiritual or otherworldly side of life.

So what reader are you? Do you neatly fit into one category or do you find yourself drifting between types? (FYI: I’m definitely an Intuitive reader!)


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