Best-Dressed Fictional Gents

ZZ Top got it right when they touted that “every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” So in the spirit of end-of-year list making, I decided to break free, have some fun, and generate my own (and last) list for some fictional fellows who know how to rock their own style.

So let’s give a nice round of applause for…
Applause 66
the ten best-dressed fictional gents!

Sean Connery as James Bond in James Bond DC
 10. James Bond
No list of best-dressed fictional men would be complete without including 007 himself who can make kicking enemy spies’ butts look posh. My favorite looks would probably be from the more recent incarnation played by Daniel Craig though that certainly isn’t a slap in the proverbial face to the original Bond, Sean Connery. But whichever Bond is your preference, you can’t deny that this super spy has been graced with super-suave style throughout the years.
Skyfall James Bond looking cool suit
‘Cause only James Bond could make crashing into a train look this easy…and cool.

Men-in-Black-3Men in Black
9. The Men in Black
(Men in Black trilogy)
How cool, as well as easy, is a work dress code of “black suits with the black Ray Bans”? The whole sleek, monochrome style perfectly conceals the MIB’s true intent (i.e. monitoring aliens on Earth) but it gives them a sense of class you must have when dealing with potentially testy extraterrestrials (I would presume). So, how best to describe a Man in Black in five words?
I make this look good
Yep – that will do it.

sherlock-s3-umbrella-ss-Dec26-02 Sherlock-series-3
8. Sherlock Holmes (as played by Benedict Cumberbatch) (“Sherlock”)
Granted, Sherlock (in this modern adaptation) doesn’t don too many suits, but when he does, it’s grand. His character always struck me as someone who isn’t entirely comfortable in suits but, regardless, he can pull off a formal look with ease. Not to mention Sherlock’s fashion sense with dark, muted colors is impeccable. Basically, he could do just about anything and make it look good – take a walk, drink tea, go to a petting zoo, answer the phone…
Sherlock on phone
See what I mean? A regular walking fashion plate.

7. Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Tony Stark is all about that b-word. No, not “bass.” I’m talkin’ business. When Stark isn’t saving the world hiding behind all of that glossy red and gold armor, he has been known to don pressed, crisp buisness power suits that command attention and proudly proclaim (because a true gentleman never shouts), “Hello, world. I am awesome.” As well as…
Iron Man world peace
Certainly humble, aren’t you Mr. Stark? In any case, even when he’s just chillin’, he still looks good.

Snyder 1 Snyder 2
6. Hugo Snyder
(3 Ninjas)
Wait, who? Yeah, I confess I had a major crush on this character when I first watched this movie years and years ago. Even years later, that crush is still there. Rather than put this movie villain in typical black and white, the costume department went with a lighter, colorful scheme with light-colored suits, dark shirts, and patterned ties. Say what you want about how dated it looks, but Snyder is a sharp-dressed ninja master. Not to mention that ponytail just pulls the whole ensemble together.
Perfect okay sign
In a word, smooth.

Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes Jude Law
5. John Watson (as played by Jude Law) (Sherlock Holmes)
Naturally, biased chick that I am, anything Jude Law wears looks flawless, both on and off camera. But his rendition of Dr. Watson exudes charm, confidence, and strict Victorian business sense. He looks like he honestly belongs in this era. (But I’m glad he doesn’t or else we’d never be able to witness Law’s acting genius in this day and age.) Say what you want about Law himself, but you have to at least agree that his version of Dr. Watson is always fashionably on point.
Yes, you are allowed to swoon. Pity Dr. Watson can’t help. Oh, wait – that might cause another swooning fit.

Thoughtful Oswald 4Penguin with Plastic
 4. Oswald Cobblepot (“Gotham”)
The infamous Penguin always dons suits but usually it’s a more old school style with a dash of camp in either accessory or color choice. But this recent, younger incarnation (portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor) demonstrates a straight-laced style with old world grace. The colors are muted but that allows the character’s personality to shine. Overall, when he’s got his umbrella in hand, Cobblepot is one young crime lord in training you wouldn’t want to cross paths with, especially if (a). you ever bullied him or (b). you have a tuna sandwich. Regardless, Oswald’s presence and fashion sense just screams this to his haters…
Casual Fridays? Yeah, definitely not on Oswald’s calendar.

Tony ScarfacescarfaceA
3. Tony Montana
You can’t talk fictional fashion sense and not bring up Miami’s infamous fictional drug kingpin. Tony loves his suits as much as 50 Cent’s proverbial fat kid loved cake. Instead of dressing like he’s headed to a funeral, Tony wears clothes that give him room to swagger as well as stand out. Probably my favorite ensembles are the white suit/red shirt combo and, of course, the blue suit he dons to the Babylon Club. Tony is kind of like a male diva as he has a wardrobe change in nearly every major scene. But he can afford a tiger and a monograph throne, so he’s got the right to own a massive wardrobe.
Tony's little friend
Plus he has his “little friend,” so, um, yeah, we won’t criticize.

Kingsman 39 Kingsman 28

 2. Harry Hart (Kingsman: The Secret Service)
Ladies, meet Harry Hart, one of the best-dressed fictional film fellows for 2015 who, much like James Bond, can tackle a room full of baddies with the best of them and not incur a single wrinkle. Talk about functional fashion. I’m singling out Colin Firth’s character in the Kingsman adaptation over his younger co-stars in the film because there’s something quite dashing about a grown gentleman in a suit, filling it out in all the right places, as opposed to a younger guy who looks like he’s playing dress up in his dad’s clothes.
Kingsman Colin Firth
Top that, young punks.

Dang! Is it wrong to pronounce him as dashingly hot?
And if it is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

 1. Agent Smith (The Matrix trilogy)
You can’t get any cooler than a megalomaniac AI program who wants to take over the world (okay, just the Matrix). What else would you expect such a man to wear but a classic black and white suit, glasses, and signature tie tack? Symbolically, these colors symbolize Smith’s limited computer-based brain as he can only think in this-or-that (i.e. black-and-white) terms. Not to mention his suits can be coated in dust, endure fistfights, and get absolutely drenched, all while never deflating his coolness factor. Saying the simple line of “Mister Anderson” never sounded, or looked, so good.
Agent Smith pose
Behold – one of the best-dressed men who never lived. All hail his computer-coded highness!

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