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My article about speculative fiction for “The Lookout” just came out Sunday (June 14) –…

Some of Jesus’ most powerful lessons were delivered through parables—and the art of the parable isn’t entirely lost in modern fiction. At their heart, all stories ponder the question, “What if?” But this becomes the backbone of speculative fiction, which encompasses the categories of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. This genre gets its name from its postulations about worlds, beings, characters, and social systems that don’t exist in our world but may bear similarities to it.

Likewise, speculative fiction reflects on what is wrong with our world, what has been done to fix it, why those solutions haven’t worked, and its ultimate fate. Much like a parable set in paranormal, futuristic, or fantastical disguise, speculative fiction presents a roadmap to salvation—from the horrors of sin and death, to our attempts to resolve sin’s effects through science and technology, to realizing that redemption means reliance upon a power outside of our control. In fact, speculative fiction often explores biblical issues but normally doesn’t deliver them in religious packaging….

You can read more on “The Lookout”‘s website:…

Disclaimer: “The Lookout” is a publication from Standard Publishing. I only make the distinction because I think there are some less legit publications out there of the same name.


2 thoughts on “Publication News!

  1. Enjoyed your article! Yes, fiction is the lie that tells the truth. = )

    I have a question. I’m finishing a novel (my 12th book) about the beginning of end times, based on recent events and a few conspiracy theories/facts. It’s a fictionalized account of what happened during my research into occult mysticism, and includes my travels to China, Egypt, etc. The question: Might this be speculative fiction? It’s not apocalyptic or distopia, just the beginning of the end. Nor is it scifi. But “adventure” or “romantic suspense” doesn’t capture it either, although those elements are present. Lots of biblical references, a story built around speculations about last day. Hmmm… any ideas?

    And hey, I’m a KY author, too.


    1. Hi, Lena! Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

      Concerning your question regarding genre, I sense it could be classified as mystery/thriller. Speculative fiction is more concentrated on the genres and sub-genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror/paranormal, and your novel doesn’t sound like it fits into those camps (and speculative fiction, the term alone, usually isn’t used for marketing classification of books). Based on my limited reading experience of thrillers, most of the books I’ve perused that involve conspiracy theories, international intrigue, etc. tend to fall into the mystery and/or thriller category. Though, to be honest, I’m not well-versed in thriller/suspense literature, not enough to make a concrete judgment on exactly what qualifies to be classified as such. It’s also possible your work might constitute as Christian fiction provided its focus is on the Christian interpretation of the end times. So it’s likely your novel just might be Christian or religious fiction/suspense/thriller. Just a guess, though. 🙂

      Sorry I can’t be of much help, but I hope this helps some. Thanks again and best wishes! 🙂


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