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Updated Edition of “R U Ready 4 College” Now Available!

RUR4C Final Cover
After several long months of editing, revising, rereading, etc., I’m proud to finally launch the third, fully updated and revised version if R U Ready 4 College?, a how-to survivor’s manual for traversing the college landscape.

This book started as the result of a college prep class I wanted to teach at a local community college that never got off the ground. I had a ton of notes and presentation slides left over and I hated to just trash them. So I had the wild idea to transform them into a book. Therefore, R U Ready 4 College? delivers strategies, advice, and cautions that I feel every would-be college student needs to know when it comes to tackling college work, gaining new study habits, and interacting with professors.

The book’s formal description is as follows: Whether you’re considering it as the next step towards your future career or you’ve already arrived on campus, you have to admit that college is a beast. Yet it can be tamed. Nicole R. Pramik, former college student-turned college professor, shares insights, strategies, advice, and warnings to help you become successful in college, from the application stage to your classroom experiences and encounters. Through relevant discussion, personal anecdotes, and occasional dry wit, you’ll learn how to…

Tackle college-level assignments…and get them done on time.

Decode what professors really mean when they comment on your work.

Chat with your professors about grades, assignments, and controversial issues.

Become an active learner as opposed to a passive participant.Take personal stock of your TIP.

Uncover the secrets to the college landscape.

And more!

Be warned – college is not for the faint of heart. But victory can be yours if you strive for it and prepare so you really are ready!

I will be posting more about R U Ready 4 College? as we near August, but for now feel free to check it out or pass these links along to anyone who you think might benefit from a little college insider’s knowledge:

Direct Link (Paperback):

Direct Link (Kindle):


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