“Gotham” Season 1 Recap

Hey, Gothamites! Are you ready for season two?
Yes yeah happy scream excited Loki Tom
Well, bad news (kind of) – you still have until the end of September. So now is the appropriate time to recap before season two begins. It seems like a long time comin’, doesn’t it? And if you’re anything at all like me…
hate to wait hurry up
But to help you wait, here are links to all of my reviews of “Gotham”‘s first season. Be warned – spoilers abound, so only read these if (a). you have seen the episode or (b). you don’t mind finding out what happens. Enjoy!

“Gotham” Season One Episode/Review List:
1. Pilot/ 2. “Selina Kyle” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-ul

3. “The Balloonman” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-AY

4. “Arkham” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-B8

5. “Viper” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-BE

6. “Spirit of the Goat” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-CM

7. “Penguin’s Umbrella” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-CP

8. “The Mask” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-Gi

9. “Harvey Dent” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-H6

10. “Lovecraft” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-Iu

11. “Rogue’s Gallery” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-UQ

12. “What the Little Bird Told Him” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-V0

13. “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-WA

14. “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-WC

15. “The Scarecrow” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-XX

16. “The Blind Fortune-Teller” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-Ze

17. “Red Hood” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-Zh

18. “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-Zj

19. “Beasts of Prey” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-Zl

20. “Under the Knife” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-Zn

21. “The Anvil or the Hammer” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-Zp

22. “All Happy Families are Alike” – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-Zr
*Season One finale*

And a few other “Gotham” goodies…
Character Preview (pre-Pilot): Part 1 – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-a7

Character Preview (pre-Pilot): Part 2 – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-fH

“Gotham” and the Scarface Connection – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-EQ

“Gotham” Playlist – http://wp.me/p3XAIW-PH
*Note: To date, none of these songs have been used on the show, so this is not an “official” soundtrack.

Here’s to another awesome season!
Happy Critic


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