“Beyond the Looking Glass”


My article about the appreciation of beauty for “The Lookout” just came out Sunday (April 10) –

“In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman rises toward her day after day,” Sylvia Plath once mused in her poem “Mirror,” as she describes the power of the looking glass. But mirrors are not the only things that can manipulate our perception of physical beauty. Media and the culture at large have inundated us with their opinion of what it means to be attractive. But with this comes a danger in putting too much trust into what we see in the mirror, allowing it to destroy our sense of self-worth and undermine our God-given uniqueness.

Given this state of confusion, it’s understandably difficult to determine what a Christian’s perspective should be when it comes to outer beauty. For some Christians, the topic of beauty is a thorny subject as some believe that the outside is inherently flawed or less important and it’s only the inside that counts. However, to neglect or ignore physical beauty is to deny and dismiss God’s handiwork. Therefore, beauty must be put in its proper place; and the best way to sharpen our perceptions of beauty is to first look at who and what we allow to shape our definitions, which ultimately determines how we see ourselves on both sides of the mirror….

You can read more on “The Lookout”‘s website:

Disclaimer: “The Lookout” is a publication from Standard Publishing. I only make this distinction because I think there are some less legit publications out there of the same name.


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