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“The Guardian Trilogy” Update – Final Novel Draft Completed!

Big Announcement!
I’m very pleased to announce that I have finally finished my first complete (but very rough) draft of The Guardian Wars, the third and final novel in The Guardian Trilogy.
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Whew! I honestly can’t believe the end is almost near. I have worked on this trilogy, from its inception until now, for about a decade. To see it approach the finish line is both thrilling – as I’ve never penned a trilogy before – and sad as I have grown to love all of the characters in this series (except for the villains, that is).

As it stands now, this initial draft (which is no where close to being finished) is 355 pages long and almost 86,000 words. However, The Guardian Wars is still very much a work in progress as there are scenes and chapters to polish, add, and possibly remove. For that reason, I won’t tease a release date or cover as it’s just too early to do so. Ideally, I would love to publish The Guardian Wars before Christmas of this year (2016), but I can’t say for certain whether or not that will happen. So for now the best I can say is “stay tuned”! 🙂

Overall, this has been a wonderful experience as well as a great exercise in story planning. Trilogies and series are ambitious projects, and I now have a better appreciation for the time and attention it takes to flesh out an extended story. But while it’s certainly a labor, it’s a labor of love.

The Guardian Trilogy – Looking into the Future
While I can’t tease a release date now, I can say that The Guardian Wars is the absolute last novel in The Guardian Trilogy, meaning there will be no surprise fourth installment nor prequels or spin-offs (though I am considering a possible character novella for Niobe of Ryncheon as I found her to be a fascinating character). Some writers like to stay in their lane of an established story world, such as what Cassandra Clare does with her sundry Shadowhunter works, but I want to branch out and take on other projects that aren’t based on The Guardian Trilogy. It’s not that I hate that story’s world – far from it! I just want to explore a change of scenery.

Some projects I can tell you about include a cozy mystery novella called Murder On the Wing about a murdered small-town poet, a new-adult stand-alone/possible duology called Kingdom of Ravens that focuses on a princess and a low-level thug, and a sci-fi novel/duology/?? tentatively entitled Cathexis about a set of adult twins who uncover their connected psionic powers. I’m very excited about these projects and can say they’re coming along, slowly but steadily. Again, stay tuned for release dates, cover reveals, and other details!

Also of note, once The Guardian Wars is published, I have plans to try to market it to agents/publishers. (At this time, The Guardian Trilogy has been self-published by me.) That’s a difficult road to travel, I know, but at least I would have a completed three-book series to work with. Plus, I’d love to see what a publisher might do to bring Alex Croft’s story to a larger audience of readers.

Thank You – and Stay Tuned!
So to my readers – thank you so, so much for partaking in Alex’s journey and I think you’ll enjoy how his story ultimately wraps up. And if you’re curious in checking out The Guardian Trilogy, you can read all about it – as well as find direct links to my books – on my Guardian Trilogy page here on my blog.

Happy reading! 🙂
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