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“Inside Out” Book Tag

Inside Out banner
This tag comes courtesy of BooksAndBookmarks, and you can view her original post here. Seeing as I opened this month with a review of Inside Out, I thought it was only fitting to close the month with this neat little book tag inspired by the film.

Instructions: For those of you who might be interested in doing this tag, here are the details: first, think of one book that fits each of the different criteria inspired by the emotion characters from the movie (and try not to repeat titles for the sake of variety). Then leave a link in the Comments section below if you decide to do this tag, making sure to reference where you got the tag from.

Now let’s get started. 🙂

Anger Inside Out
Anger: Name a book that really ticked you off.
My Pick: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
No offense to anyone who liked this book but this was horrible. I get that Nick and Amy aren’t supposed to be likable or good people, but the least they could have been was tolerable. Rather than be quirky, interesting, or even comical, they were just selfish jerks. If you ask me, both Nick and Amy were more than a few fries shy of a complete Happy Meal. It’s hard to care about or be interested in characters who are so cold towards the world and each other, not to mention deceptive. Plus, I can’t tolerate infidelity and it made me hate Nick and Amy even more. I’m really baffled as to why this is such a popular book. I guess it’s just the sort of read that has to be in the hands of the right reader, of whom I wasn’t it.

Disgust Inside Out
Disgust: Name a book that grossed you out the most.
Turtle Boy cover
My Pick: The Turtle Boy by Kealan Patrick Burke
Technically, this is more of a short story/novelette than a novel but it certainly counts as a creepy, gross story. This was a case where the blurb totally threw me off as I thought I would be reading some kind of Southern Gothic coming-of-age summer-themed mystery. But when it focused on the titular creepy boy who lives by the local lake and allows the turtles there to feast on his own body parts, I knew I had been seriously duped. This is essentially a Southern Gothic coming-of-age summer-themed horror story with a demon turtle boy. Definitely not a fun read and just flat-out disgusting.

Inside Out Fear
Fear: Name a book that scared you.
Sympathy for the Bones cover
My Pick: Sympathy for the Bones by Marjorie M. Liu
Wow, was this creepy! Yet it had me glued to my Kindle to see what was going to happen next. This is a story that’s more creepily suspenseful than full-on horror as it focuses on a young girl who has a gift for making bad things happen to people using special dolls and bones (sort of akin to voodoo dolls but not exactly). Overall, this is a clever, engrossing, but undeniably scary read.

Sadness Inside Out
Sadness: Name a book that made you cry.
Summer and Bird cover
My Pick: Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull
This is a gorgeous, hushed, gently dark tale that perfectly blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. But not only are the story’s landscape and plot fascinating, it’s the relationship between the two sisters, Summer and Bird, that really plucks at the heartstrings. These two girls venture off in search of their missing mother and use their collective talents to guide their way through a foreboding forest. In time, these gifts end up leading them astray and the sisters get separated. This is where most of the tears come as each sister is tempted in unique ways to abandon the other as well as give up hope in finding her mother. Their bond is stretched and strained, and part of the story’s suspense comes from wondering if it will actually break. Overall, I loved this book as it’s both engrossing and genuinely emotional. Not to mention that cover is absolutely lovely!

Joy hug Inside Out Pixar happy
Joy: Name a book that makes you happy or brings you the most joy.
Benedict 1 coverBenedict 2 coverBenedict 3 cover
My Pick: The Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy by Trenton Lee Stewart
To be honest, I could have listed any number of books for this one but I decided to go with this light-hearted middle grade trilogy that focuses on a group of four smart, talented kids who have to match wits with a power-mad genius. (Here is my review, in case you’re curious to read my expanded thoughts.) I love everything about these novels, from their fun cast to their mystery-esque plots. Even the chapter illustrations are clever and unique. I make it a point to read this trilogy every year since I’ve owned it and it never fails to bring a smile to my face or make me laugh as well as root for our stalwart young heroes.

So those were my picks for the “Inside Out” book tag! Want to create your own? Just follow the instructions above and make sure to leave a link in the comments! 🙂


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    1. If you enjoy horror stories, then you might want to check it out. (I’m not a regular reader of that genre, so I probably wasn’t the best audience for it.) Thanks for visiting and following my blog! 🙂


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