“Many Ways to the Manger”


My Christmas-themed article for “The Lookout” just came out Sunday (December 18) –

The story of Christ’s birth has a rather diverse cast, from his earthly parents, to a host of angels, to some simple shepherds, and a group of Magi. Yet while we casually mention them in song, the shepherds and the Magi are actually pivotal figures as some of the first persons to meet Christ. But what similarities could possibly exist between pastoral caretakers and religious academics?

While both groups had encounters with Christ, God uniquely engineered their individual paths in life to share his message of goodwill and salvation that still applies to us today. Though they represent two starkly different demographics, the shepherds and the wise men are windows into how God communicates with people from all walks of life. Through a variety of means and circumstances, he directs open hearts and minds toward Christ as everyone comes to salvation in uniquely dissimilar ways.

You can read more on “The Lookout”‘s website:

Disclaimer: “The Lookout” is a publication from Standard Publishing. I only make this distinction because I think there are some less legit publications out there of the same name.


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