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“The Guardian Wars” – Entering the Home Stretch!

It’s time for some big news!

I’m happy to finally announce that the third and final novel in The Guardian trilogy is almost ready for publication! I confess I took more time than what was probably needed to revise and polish The Guardian Wars but I believe the final product is worth it. As of now, I’m busy reviewing my proof and making final changes. However, it looks like it will be published much sooner than expected, so The Guardian Wars will have a springtime release date!

I will be updating The Guardian trilogy page here as soon as the book is released.

Also of note, The Guardian and The Guardian Prophecy are getting make-overs! I decided it was time to give both of their covers a face-lift in honor of the final book’s publication. Updated cover pictures will also be posted as soon as I get them finalized.

I’m so excited to be able to finish this trilogy as it’s been 10+ years in the making! I loved getting to know Alex, Niobe, Jason, Sunniva, and their comrades (as well as enemies!) over the years. It feels like a big sigh of relief to say I published a trilogy and, trust me, it wasn’t an easy feat. In the same way, it saddens me to know this will be the last book dealing with these characters. (Though I am entertaining an idea for novella centered on Niobe of Ryncheon, Alex’s love interest, but I have no outline or anything concrete to work with at the moment.) But I’m happy with the way Alex’s story turned out, and I hope readers are satisfied with it, too.

Stay tuned for more updates, which will be coming soon!


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