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“The Guardian Wars” – Cover Reveal!

Here’s a little something to go along with the official description of The Guardian Wars I just shared yesterday: the cover!

Official Description: After miraculously surviving torture at Rastaban’s hands, Handler Alex of Croft knows the hour grows short as war among the Realms draws closer. Mustering his friends and unexpected allies, Alex assumes the role of the prophesied Halcyon and decides to cut off his enemy at the place where it all began, the infamous prison Erebus and home to the Gates of the Dead. The Guardian Wars concludes Alex of Croft’s journey as a man of divided bloods. But can he be a shining light in a dark place or will the darkness finally consume him?

Now all that’s left to do is to order a physical proof (i.e. a copy of the book not intended for sale) and make final changes. (Yes, I actually mark up a book – but it’s all good. All in the name of editing!) You can check out more details about the Guardian trilogy here on its official page.

The finish line is drawing near! 🙂


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