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Writing News: “Kingdom of Ravens” Update

I have some writing news to share!

I just finished a rough draft of my new adult novel (a standalone for now) entitled Kingdom of Ravens. Plotwise, this novel is about Sebastian Murdoch, a low-level thug and nephew of an Usher Falls organized crime boss, who meets and falls in love with Rosalyn Everard, crown princess of the neighboring kingdom of Sardonia. While it’s set in present day, it does have some vestiges of fantasy (chiefly shapeshifting magic) and science fiction (with the incorporation of some advanced tech).

I penned some random chapter drafts (that I ended up not using, at least for the time being) in September 2014, but I didn’t formally start piecing anything together until later that year and into 2015. I then tried to write a little bit everyday since 2015, and today I finally finished a full-length manuscript, though it is far from being a finalized, finished story.

I’m fascinated by Sebastian and Rosalyn’s journey, both as a couple and as individuals, so it will be fun to delve in deeper and polish their stories. They’re great characters and I have fun writing for both of them as they come from two very different walks of life: Sebastian has lived in the urban squalor of Usher Falls and under his uncle’s murderous thumb all his life, and Rosalyn is a princess with a relatively comfortable life though she harbors a challenging inner demon.

My next step is to read through the manuscript as is and make notes as I already know where there needs to be changes, expansions, additions, and reductions. However, it feels wonderful to be able to say I have a rough draft completed. 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future!


2 thoughts on “Writing News: “Kingdom of Ravens” Update

  1. Excellent. Well done. I’m beginning to create a story for Camp Nano. Basically you brainstormed, outlined and then got to writing. Did you just write the first draft and then edit afterwords or edit along the way? I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions. It’s best to learn from those who know right.


    1. Thanks for the kind words! 🙂 My personal writing process is to jot down character and plot details, craft a detailed outline (that I know will change as I start to write the story), and then dive into penning a first draft. One rule of thumb I heard years ago and I feel works best for me is that I never edit while drafting. I just write the story with the knowledge that it has flaws but I like to see where it takes me, which usually is a bit off-course from the original outline but not entirely off base. Then, once I have a draft in full, I go back and read and take notes on what I’ve written without making changes. This helps me see how the story reads and where work needs to be done, whether that’s adding scenes, revising the plot, or omitting scenes. Once I compose detailed notes to myself, I go back to the draft and start the editing process. However, I’m always mindful to step away from my story for a little bit (maybe a week or a few weeks) before I start any sort of editing work. Doing so helps me forget the story, in a way, so when I return to it to start making changes, I can read it and work with it using fresh eyes. Sometimes taking a break from reading the same story over and over helps me see where trouble spots are. Again, this is my own writing process and it’s what I have found works best for me, personally. I do hope I’ve answered your questions and I apologize for the long reply. Hope this helps and best wishes on your writing endeavors! 🙂


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