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Book Review – “Angus and Sadie”

*This review is in memory of my Border Collie mix, Chloe, who passed away on May 21, 2016, at the age of 16, and my other mixed breed, Nadine, who passed away on November 7, 2017, at the age of 11. Both girls will always be deeply missed by my family and me. They were both adorable, smart dogs and lovable sweethearts.*

Angus and Sadie
I have a special place in my heart for Border Collies as they’re very intelligent, energetic, and warm-hearted dogs. Naturally, when I spied this book in my GoodReads Recommendations, I decided to check it out as it was an inexpensive Kindle book.

This is a simple story about two humans, known as Mister and Missues, who adopt two Border Collie pups and take them home to their farm. However, this story is told from the dogs’ point of view, which, for me, made it more interesting than if it had been told using a more detached third person voice. In the same way, I enjoyed the contrasting personalities of the two dogs, Angus and Sadie, who are siblings. Angus is a quick study and eager to please, but Sadie is a slow learner and generally disinterested. Her stubbornness eventually becomes a stumbling block for her and we see, through her eyes, how she can’t understand why her refusal to learn makes her family frustrated at her – Angus included.

Through the story, Angus and Sadie have adventures and befriend the animals on the farm. But as they age, they begin to see their respective personality differences, so the underlying tension in the story becomes two-fold: 1). will Sadie ever learn what’s required of her and 2). can Sadie and Angus ever truly get along. Obviously, as a children’s story the situations and dilemmas here aren’t desperate or stark and, in the end, this is a happy story.

There are also little chapter and heading illustrations that are simply adorable. Below are cropped samples taken from my Kindle copy (but no worries – there are no spoilers!):
Angus and Sadie pic 1

Angus and Sadie pic 2

While I’m definitely not the targeted audience for this book, I can say that I enjoyed it and appreciated it for its canine-focused narrative. In the end, this is a cute little story and I would be curious to read any subsequent novels to see what Angus and Sadie get into next.

Content-wise, this is a G-rated children’s tale with no profanity, violence, or sexual content. It’s worth noting though that there are some scenes of mild peril when animals are left on their own but no animals ever come to harm or fall into any real danger. Similarly, this is not one of those books where a beloved pet dies at the end. So for parents or guardians concerned about animal deaths, rest assured: Angus and Sadie live to see the last page!

Overall, Angus and Sadie is a cute story that will certainly appeal to older children who love dogs. (I shelved this on GoodReads as a middle grade read but that’s not entirely correct. This is a better fit for the 6 to 10 years old crowd albeit there is nothing that would turn off anyone older.) The choice to tell this story from the dogs’ points of view was a smart and creative decision and there are enough canine adventures – and cheeky misadventures – to keep readers of any age entertained.


2 thoughts on “Book Review – “Angus and Sadie”

  1. Losing a pet is one of the hardest things ever. I’m so sorry you’re going through that grief. We lost our cats a couple of years ago within three months of each other, and even though they were both old, it was devastating. I love this post. The book sounds really fun and sweet, and what a great way to honor your dogs! ❤


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. We certainly hadn’t figured we would lose our second dog a year and a half after losing our other dog, but we have 11 years of good memories of her and she lived a happy, healthy life until about the last month of her life. Nadine was a stray we took in and we’re glad we did because she was a real blessing in our lives.

      The book itself really is cute in a non-saccharine way. I’d definitely check it out just as a fun, little read. 🙂


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