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2017 Year in Review Ramblings

Allow me to start off with some BIG NEWS!

This year, I finished The Guardian trilogy with publication of the third and final novel, The Guardian Wars! You can view more details on The Guardian trilogy by accessing the Books tab above or by clicking here.

I also had a chapter published in A Critical Companion to Tim Burton (edited by Adam Barkman and Antonio Sanna) entitled, “Mars Attacks! as Fractured Fairy Tale under Tolkien’s Principles of Recovery, Escape, and Consolation.” It was a fun piece to write and I’m glad to finally see it in print. You can view an excerpt of the book here.

In other news, I finished a full rough draft of Kingdom of Ravens, a (for now) standalone fantasy novel. In brief, the plot focuses on the relationship between a princess of a frozen kingdom and a low-level criminal underworld errand boy from a neighboring city (it’s set in modern times with some advanced technology). While I’m excited to have a completed draft, the story itself has taken a lot of detours, twists, and turns from the original outline, so I will eventually start piecing it all together again.

Also this year I started work on another (for now) standalone novel called The Alien and the Fatherless. I actually came up with an outline for this more than a decade ago and composed a handwritten draft of the story from beginning to end. Initially, it was about a Human woman who has dreams where she hears an alien language and ends up learning it over time though she doesn’t know why. Later, she falls in with a group of aliens and, as it turns out, the language she has learned is their language. She accompanies them and eventually falls in love with their prince who is in disguise. That was the first concept and it’s been revised several times since then. This year, I scrapped this old outline and started anew. While the basic premise is the same, in this version the female lead is (for now) an interstellar racing champion and the male lead is an alien prince serving as an officer aboard a starship. I’m still fleshing it out and I like where it’s headed, but it’s definitely a work in progress.

As a closing note, while I intend to maintain this blog for as long as I can, I want to focus more on my various manuscripts and story ideas. So if time passes and it looks like I’ve gone AWOL, please know that I have not. I’ll always try to maintain this site in some fashion because I consider it my “official” author’s website.

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Many thanks, best wishes, and cheers to all of my followers, fans, and readers!


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