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I was inspired to do this post after seeing Makeup.Just.For.Fun. and Mel Thompson tackle an unpopular opinions makeup tag:

I know this is different from my usual fare, but I decided to have some fun today – enjoy! 🙂

1. What is a popular makeup product that you don’t like
I dislike liquid lipsticks in general. Granted, I have tried a few brands, particularly Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I really liked some of their shades. However, my major complaint with all liquid lipsticks is that they are a pain to apply and remove. I don’t have the steadiest of hands, so when it came to darker or brighter colors, I kept having to remove and reapply. Plus, I have 30+ year old lips, so anything dry in texture accentuates my lip lines and isn’t very flattering. So I prefer regular lipsticks and lip glosses which are easier and faster to apply, remove, and touch up. Though I have tried one Kylie Cosmetic velvet liquid lipstick (as well as my first ever product from her uber-popular line) and was really impressed by the application, staying power, and easy removal. So I supposed I haven’t given up all hope on liquid lip products – just probably 98%. 😀

2. What is a makeup brand everyone seems to hate but you love
CoverGirl tends to get a little more dislike than what I feel it deserves. I love many of their products, all of which are makeup drawer staples for me, especially my foundation and pressed powder. I like their Colorlicious lip glosses and I absolutely love their old Colorlicious lipsticks as it’s one of the best lipstick formulas to me (though, sadly, I can’t stand the recent reformulation). Lastly, their (retired) Outlast nail polishes are some of the longest-lasting polishes I’ve ever used, even toppling $20 polishes. While I don’t love everything CoverGirl comes out with, and some products have been duds, they’re still my to-go brand and I think in general they produce good, quality affordable beauty products.

3. What is a makeup collaboration that you didn’t like or were disinterested in
I’m not really up on most makeup artist/celebrity collabs in general. But if I had to choose one I’m at least familiar with, it would be MAC’s Viva Glam line, which partners with different celebrities for each launch. To be honest, this line never held much appeal to me. None of the colors are exciting or unique and most seem easy to duplicate from among MAC’s other lipsticks and even other brands. To be fair, I did purchase the first Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick simply because I liked the color. Otherwise, Viva Glam is one launch that rarely grabs my attention or interest.

4. What is a popular makeup step that you don’t do?

There’s many steps I don’t do! 😀  I don’t contour or bake because I don’t feel skilled enough to do either and it looks time-consuming. I don’t bronze because most bronzers are either too brown or too orange on me. I don’t highlight because I have large pores and anything remotely shiny calls attention to them, not to mention I have oily skin. And I don’t use eye shadow or eye liner because, aside from having oily lids, I once battled eczema on my eyelids that lasted for months. I don’t care to go through that again, so the only eye products I use are mascara and shadow to fill in my brows. I’m not a natural-look kind of gal, but I feel I only need a few products to accentuate what I like about my face and cover problem areas.

5. Who is a beauty YouTuber you don’t watch
My beauty video searches on YouTube are chiefly limited to watching reviews of products I’m interested in so I can find out about their pros and cons (and my go-to sources for those is Temptalia as well as YouTubers Makeup.Just.For.Fun. and Mel Thompson). So I’m not into the “beauty guru” scene. But if I had to choose someone, it would probably be Nikkitutorials. I have nothing against her or her videos, and I do like her bubbly energy, but her overall delivery seems geared for someone much younger than me. (And, to be fair, she is probably the same age as her target audience, so that makes sense.) Nothing she covers is of interest to me in terms of content or topic as most of her videos seem to focus on creating over-the-top makeup “looks” and doing “challenges” rather than reviewing products. Again, I can see her appeal to a younger audience, but I’m just not in the same demographic.

6. What is a makeup brand you don’t support
I used to buy from Illamasqua until they came out against the results of the 2016 U.S. election. Frankly, I’m not sure what they stood to gain by that. For starters, they’re British so why vent about American politics? That’s akin to an American cosmetic company complaining about election results in Great Britain, Estonia, Iceland, or Slovakia. Yes, you have the universal freedom to complain about anything you want, but the company’s “logic” didn’t make sense to me. Likewise, their approach was hateful and intolerant, declaring that they would refuse to sell products to anyone who supported the winning candidate. I thought that was petty and in poor taste and it ironically went against their chief “values” of tolerance and diversity. Tolerance means you need to be open to opinions or beliefs that aren’t the same as your own. You don’t have to agree with or adopt said opinions or beliefs, but you should allow for variety. After all, isn’t that what “diversity” is all about? 🙂

7. What is a makeup trend/product you have no interest in trying
Highlighting to the extreme (a.k.a “glowing to the gods”). As stated, I don’t highlight because it accentuates my pores and makes my oily face that much greasier-looking. I’m okay with blushes sporting natural-looking illuminating qualities to them and I do own a few, one of which is one of my favorite blushes. But I have no desire to turn my face into a disco ball that would be visible from space. I’m sure this is one of these trends that looks great from an editorial perspective or in Instagram pics, but going overboard with highlighter – or any product for that matter – usually doesn’t translate into a flattering look in real life.

8. What is a makeup product that was better in theory than practice?

I have two picks for this one, rainbow highlighter and Storybook Cosmetics’ What’s in a Name Rose Brushes. Rainbow highlighter sounds fun in theory, but I can’t see how anyone would look good with a prism streaked across her face. I suppose it might have some uses, such as for costumes/cosplay, festivals, concerts, the stage, or for editorial purposes; otherwise, it doesn’t seem to serve any practical, day-to-day purpose. Concerning Storybook Cosmetics’ What’s in a Name Rose Brushes, aesthetically they’re creative and cute, but I ultimately had no use for them as they didn’t apply my products as smoothly and evenly as I like. Even more disappointing was when I washed them, the red bristles bled profusely, which tells me the company uses a cheap dye. Naturally, I wasn’t happy about paying nearly $50 for these as I have $2 drugstore brushes that perform far better and have never bled their color.




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