About Sci-fi Fantasy Lit Chick

Sci-fi Fantasy Lit Chick is a native of the state of Texas. She is a former English and Humanities professor and currently works as a legal secretary. She holds two degrees in English from Marshall University and loves reading, “Star Trek,” EDM, British culture, curling, and vexillology, and is trying to learn a foreign language (right now it’s Norwegian) for fun. She dabbles in science fiction, delves into fantasy, trifles with poetry, and tinkers with nonfiction.

I want to extend a big hello to everyone who visits my blog! I hope you leave it with something new for your brain to munch on. Most of all, I hope you check out some of my books as I love writing and wish to present positive messages through my works. Many cheers! πŸ™‚

Published Works: For a current list of books, please click on the Books tab above. For a current list of articles and other writings, please click on the Misc. Publications tab above.

To further explore her works, as well as see what she’s reading, you can follow on GoodReads: https://goo.gl/nEBpZT

And, of course, please Follow this blog for all the latest posts and writing news!

Note: All comments on this blog are moderated, so if you are crass, snarky, or disrespectful, your remarks will not be approved by the site administrator. Intelligent, mature, thoughtful, well-formed comments are, of course, welcome.


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