About Sci-fi Fantasy Lit Chick

Nicole Pramik is a speculative fiction writer from Kentucky (though she is originally from Texas). Her works include the fantasy series, The Guardian Trilogy, and A Modern Apocrypha, a poetry collection. She has also served as a contributor for various volumes analyzing facets of popular culture with a philosophical slant, from SpongeBob SquarePants, to the films of Tim Burton, to Star Trek. She holds an MA in English (Creative Writing) from Marshall University and is a former English and Humanities adjunct professor. She is a self-proclaimed geeky bookworm who has fun with flags (technically known as vexillology) and harbors a love for EDM and curling. Currently, she is working on several speculative fiction manuscripts and hopes to see them in print someday.

I want to extend a big hello to everyone who visits my blog! I hope you leave it with something new for your brain to munch on. Most of all, I hope you check out some of my books as I love writing and wish to present positive messages through my works. Many cheers! πŸ™‚

Published Works: For a current list of books, please click on the Books tab above. For a current list of articles and other writings, please click on the Misc. Publications tab above. Or you can also head on over to my Amaozn author profile: amazon.com/author/nicolepramik

To further explore her works, as well as see what she’s reading, you can follow on GoodReads: https://goo.gl/nEBpZT

And, of course, please Follow this blog for all the latest posts and writing news!

Note: All comments on this blog are moderated, so if you are crass, snarky, or disrespectful, your remarks will not be approved by the site administrator. Intelligent, mature, thoughtful, well-formed comments are, of course, welcome.


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