The Guardian Trilogy

Book One: The Guardian

Description: Ever since Alex Croft was little, robed beings have shadowed his every move. But after he is wrongfully incarcerated, the robed strangers have apparently abandoned him. Or so it seems. When Alex’s true identity is revealed, he enters a world he has always seen but never really known. A realm where he learns how to protect the innocent from an evil that desires to control everything in its path. Especially Alex. As he trains as an apprentice within the Voror Council, Alex uncovers a sinister secret seeking to destroy him. To save himself and others, he will have to endure the same darkness he sought to escape. In this first installment of The Guardian Trilogy, Alex Croft will not only learn magic-infused Words and make strange, new allies but also discover the truth about himself and his past. A truth that will become either his destiny or his downfall.

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Book Two: The Guardian Prophecy

Description: Handler Apprentice Alex Croft is invited by Sunniva, the Council’s Head Healer, to accompany her on a journey across the Realms as she seeks out an exiled Voror. Along the way, Alex encounters old friends, new enemies, and discovers a growing attraction to the hauntingly beautiful Niobe of Ryncheon. Yet the threat of Belial of Rastaban’s forces shadows their every move as they race to uncover a truth that many have desired to conceal – a truth Rastaban has killed for in order to obtain. Past grievances come to seek vengeance as Rastaban’s rebels seek to set up their own regime. And the only way Alex can hope to stop them is to make the ultimate sacrifice. In this second installment of The Guardian Trilogy, Alex Croft learns what it means to fulfill his destiny as a Guardian, which may cost him everything.

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Book Three:
The Guardian Wars

Description: After miraculously surviving torture at Rastaban’s hands, Handler Alex of Croft knows the hour grows short as war among the Realms draws closer. Mustering his friends and unexpected allies, Alex assumes the role of the prophesied Halcyon and decides to cut off his enemy at the place where it all began, the infamous prison Erebus and home to the Gates of the Dead. The Guardian Wars concludes Alex of Croft’s  journey as a man of divided bloods.  But can he be a shining light in a dark place or will the darkness finally consume him?

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Other Books:

RUR4C Final Cover
R U Ready 4 College?: Secrets and Strategies for Conquering the Ivy-Covered Institution

Description: Whether you’re considering it as the next step towards your future career or you’ve already arrived on campus, you have to admit that college is a beast. Yet it can be tamed. Nicole R. Pramik, former college student-turned college professor, shares insights, strategies, advice, and warnings to help you become successful in college, from the application stage to your classroom experiences and encounters. Through relevant discussion, personal anecdotes, and occasional dry wit, you’ll learn how to…

Tackle college-level assignments…and get them done on time.
Decode what professors really mean when they comment on your work.
Chat with your professors about grades, assignments, and controversial issues.
Become an active learner as opposed to a passive participant.Take personal stock of your TIP.
Uncover the secrets to the college landscape.
And more!

Be warned – college is not for the faint of heart. But victory can be yours if you strive for it and prepare so you really are ready!

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Modern Apoc
A Modern Apo
crypha (2013)

Description: This poetry collection explores the fall of humanity, the end of the world, and all points in between. From society’s focus on the superficial in “Celebrity Unknown,” to the wages of sin in “Gamma,” to the cataclysmic apocalypse in “Navras,” author Nicole R. Pramik tackles hefty social, emotional, and spiritual issues in this 90 poem offering. Utilizing an eclectic point of view and poignant delivery, “A Modern Apocrypha” is a moving, dark work that explores and exposes the unattractive underbelly and ultimate redemption of both the mortal soul and modern society.

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Mars Attacks! as Fractured Fairy Tale under Tolkien’s Principles of Recovery, Escape, and Consolation” (2017)
Published in A Critical Companion to Tim Burton (edited by Adam Barkman and Antonio Sanna)
Direct Link:

Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy cover
“Photons (and Drones) Be Free: Phenomenology and the Life-Worlds of Voyager‘s Doctor and Seven of Nine” (2016)
Published in The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy (edited by Kevin Decker and Jason Ebrel)
Direct Link:

D and P
“Why Fighting Dracula is Absurd” (2015)
Published in Dracula and Philosophy (edited by Nicholas Michaud & Janelle Pötzsch)
Direct Link:

TD and P
“How (Not) to Train Your Demon”
Published in The Devil and Philosophy (edited by Robert Arp)
Direct Link:

SBSP new cover
“Self-Mastered Sponge” (2011)

Published in SpongeBob Squarepants and Philosophy (edited by Joseph Foy)
Direct Link:


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